Magnum P.I. Season 3 poster

Magnum P.I. Season 3

Welcome to Hawaii. This paradise is characterized by beautiful weather and a great atmosphere, which directly pushes for a good rest. It's all true, but in fact it turns out that criminal activity is flourishing in these places. Who in Hawaii should stand up for ordinary people? The main character is Thomas Magnum, a man with a good imagination and loyal friends who investigates complex cases. Enlisting the support of comrades-in-arms and a sultry blonde, a man takes on the most complicated cases, in which he often finds additional difficulties and loopholes leading to even more serious crimes. This endless chain makes itself felt, because the character can never find an opportunity to have a good rest. However, this is not required: after the main character has been through Afghanistan and has been in hot battles, working in Hawaii seems like an easy walk to him, although it can sometimes be hot here when it comes to chases, shootouts and other unexpected turns of events. The series returns to the screens with new episodes and new investigations, offers to keep company with already familiar and beloved characters.

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